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Mental Rite of Passage.

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Mental rite of passage is how we help our children grow and gain their knowledge in this world. What is it exactly that our children are learning? We are emotional, social, spiritual beings who thrive on comfort, food, water, shelter and all the basic needs. Learning is a big part of our lives and is ongoing until the end. For children to check out so early in their learning development would certainly have an impact on their futures. So as parents we are their champions in the knowledge that we share and also in how we engage with our families and the world around us.

Our children are learning everything there is to know from us before they placed into society to find their way in life. Parents, we have work to do, but it should be joyous but for many, it can be a nightmare. Believe me, I’ve heard countless stories from parents but I’ve also heard the triumphs and the things that work and the mental rite of passage is probably what you’re already doing, Also let us be more open to learning better strategies to enhance our parenting experience.

I’ve had the privilege of raising 2 children as well as having a 15 plus year career support children, young people and families. For the past 6 years, I’ve experienced working in the education sector and I’ve seen first hand how things are in school. I’ve seen the challenges, the behaviour, disruption, anger, stress, fear, and the list goes on and all this would have undesired outcomes for children and young people in their learning development.

Some parents are worried that their children will be behind when they return back to school, it doesn’t have to be, you can use this time right now to turn that around so your child will be ahead of the game and a lot of it does depend on mindset, but you already know that, so what’s stopping you as we are at the start of the summer holiday, giving you 6 amazing weeks to turn things around. Do I sound enthusiastic, that’s because I am and at times we have to elevate our energy to draw on our beliefs that we can turn the impossible to anything is Possible.

Let’s take a look at the steps the SFSC has to offer parents of which I’m always happy to facilitate for parents.

Michelle Burton & Ruth Carter SFSC Parenting Practitioners.

The Steps to Mental Rite of Passage from SFSC.

Step 1 – Teach your child the value of high achievement and help him or her attend school.

Step 2 – Help your child understand why it is important to learn how to study, take tests, and use the library.

Step 3 – Help your child learn to manage the stress of the school environment.

Step 4 – Help your child develop creative abilities as well as thinking skills.

Left brain       – logical/analytical/critical

Right brain    – intuitive/creative/emotional

Step 5 – Help your understand why it is important to become skilled in reading, maths, science and information technology, etc.

Step 6 – Help your child develop solution building skills.

The above steps  are also attached to the Mental  Rite of Passage activities, which is also bove. Choose 1 out of the list of 14 different activities and let me know how you get on.

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