The Best You EXPO started five years ago, I remember walking into ExCel London excited to learn from the Best Experts in the Personal Development Industry. As an avid NLP Practitioner back then I was keen to learn from the best.

After completing Master Practitioner in NLP, I was keen to shape all the skills that I learnt to help others and made a bold decision to work with Bernardo Moya on Turning Pro. It was this milestone in my life that took Ruth Carter to Ruth Carter The Liberty Coach and birth the ideas of Liberate Me Schools Program. As part of the course we had the opportunity to either Speak on stage, Exhibit, or both. I choose to speak on stage.

The Best You Expo in February 2019 took place at Olympia London was an outstanding event as I exhibited The Liberate Me Schools Program & Teacher Training that year and spoke on stage which had lots of people from all over the world including children and young people who were passionate about living their best lives and creating a better world for us to live in. 

I will be attending the 7 days Online Live Best You 2020 event of which I am excited to continue learning from the best in the Personal Development Industry of which I am a part of. Future pacing to the future I am sure I will be back on that stage with a positive message to share.

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