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Thank You, NCS.

This month has turned out to be an awesome month even though so much negativity is around us globally. A month of gratitude was certainly needed to keep my vibrations as high as possible. During the half-term break, I was fortunate to work with 16 young people who had taken part in the NCS Summer Keep doing Good Program and taking part in the Autumn Program provided by Hear2Listen CIC.

I have been a Team Leader/Wave Leader since I met Hear2Listen CIC in Summer of 2016. That year my daughter had signed up for the NCS summer program with another provider. At that time, I had been working in schools but during the summer I would take 8 weeks off and then back to school. In May 2016 I had completed my Master Practitioner in NLP and I had a desire to work with as many teens as possible. 

One of the things you leave the NLP seminars with is to practice, practice, practice. I was keen to practice Timeline Therapy and some other new techniques I had learnt, and Leon Goldbourne volunteered. After our practice session, I sat and talked to Leon about wanting to do something in the summer with teens. At that time Leon was working with a housing association and said that he had received an email today about NCS. I said my daughter is doing that, as the parent, I really did not know the depth of it, I only knew they go away for 2 weeks and do community work. I asked Leon to send me the details and I got in touch via email.

At the time I contacted Hear2Listen CIC they had filled all the positions but the manager at Hear2Listen CIC said if I need to contact you can I, I said sure. I packed my daughter up for her NCS adventure and went home. It was a quiet week in my house and when I collected her from the first week of activities, she said that she was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. I did not understand the level of tiredness she was feeling. 

The 2nd week I dropped my daughter off to the university and went home. That evening I got a call from the manager at Hear2Listen CIC asking if I could come in the next day for the rest of the week and bring my hard copy of my DBS. I said yes and that is how my NCS journey began.

I have had a wonderful working experience; every young person is unique in their own way and over the years they have done so many amazing social action projects. Fast forward to Autumn 2020 program I certainly seen the team building, resilient, confidence come within the young people develop and shows that change can happen quickly. The feedback of the young people’s experience has been positive, having fun along the way and helping others. I am grateful to be apart of NCS as I certainly want to see a better, brighter future for our youths today.

The team I worked with helped Bedford Food Bank with food donations to help with Free School Meals over the half-term break. Another NCS Team also contributed to doing a Foodbank in Dunstable.

All the young people have done well during the summer and autumn NCS Program and I wish you all a fabulous term ahead. 

We would like to thank all those who contributed to the food donations International mini-market, Ideal supermarket, Moldova, Tesco metro, Mathco in Bedford and Yvonne Michéle for the donations of sanitary towels.

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