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CalmSleep Process with Sara Shebear CEO of Shebear Connections CIC.

BLOG, PARENTS, SEN- Special Educational Needs / By Ruth Carter

Today’s discussion is with the fabulous Sara Shebear CEO of Shebear Connections CIC who will be discussing the topic of children with Special Educational Needs and the CalmSleep Process, which benefits the whole family. Every blog written feature a Live discussion streamed On StreamYard to The Liberty Coach Facebook Page and YouTube channel. The live link also features at the bottom of the blog after the show.

I first met Sara last year in April 2019 at Watling View School for children with PLMD – Profound Learning Multiple Disabilities. Some would say it was a coincidence that we met but for those of you who do not believe in coincidences, like myself would recognise that this meeting was meant to be.

I was on placement and it just so happened on that particular day that 2 classes merged for the afternoon for music lesson and expression. I remember it was noisy and some of those young people were so quick at throwing a punch in that you would have to be vigilant. As I walked into the classroom, I saw an inviting smiling face and said “hello” and later once the lesson was in full swing, we began to chat. There was immediate synergy, light, and love for our purpose as we explored the avenues of conversation. We exchanged details and have remained connected ever since.

Sara Shebear

Sara Shebear is the CEO and a Director of Shebear Connections Community Interest Company (C.I.C), as well as a teacher, tutor, mentor, and author of two short children’s stories. Sara and I get on because we share similar passions especially regarding children and young people. Sara is deeply passionate about children’s wellbeing and empowering them to embrace their unique skills to excel in their lives. Sara has set up a community to help parents and teachers to recognise the genius within each child and nurture it for the good of the individual and humanity.

Today’s children are very aware of the world around them. With the availability of the internet, they can find out anything they need to know. They can connect to other children and peers around the world and learn from these enriching experiences. Sara believes that all children are born with their innate genius and as they grow older, we need to nurture these skills, or they will be lost.  Sara feels that today’s children will refuse to have their natural abilities squashed. This is where her gifts come in. Sara champions for children and provides understanding and support for them and everyone involved in their lives. Sara has a vast range of experience:

  • A variety of educational environments, including mainstream, special educational needs, and faith schools; democratic learning centre and referral units
  • Extensive computer skills including WordPress websites, social media, and communications
  • Entrepreneurial skills including self-employment, running Limited Companies and Community Interest Companies

 Sara is also the mother of two adult sons:

  • One is autistic and he excelled throughout his schooling to achieve a First-Class degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.
  • The other son developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) when he was 11 years old. He was unable to attend school so after researching my Education Studies degree dissertation on Home Education, I decided to de-register him from school and facilitate his child-led approach to learning. He now runs the household, looks after the dog and is a carer for his brother.

Sara specialises in creating Self Directed/Child-Led Centres so children can come along and learn flexibly and holistically. Sara has also liaised with other teachers and therapists to create these online services:

Sara feels that today’s children will be the successful heart-centred business owners of the future and Shebear Connection C.I.C has been created to help them achieve this.

If you are interested in receiving help for your child/children or wish to join this amazing venture, please contact Sara



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